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Beautiful indeed but i prefer musics with an understandable lyric in it and not with incomprehensible choirs.
Comment from : xaiury

Christopher Glace
Imagine listening to this live!
Comment from : Christopher Glace

Christopher Glace
Imagine listening to this live!
Comment from : Christopher Glace

Burning Battle Blade
1:48 reminds me of Black Blade
Comment from : Burning Battle Blade

Wilson Santos
O ruim dessa música é que ela acaba!
Comment from : Wilson Santos

ZerumBeatz zerumbeatz
So magistral
Comment from : ZerumBeatz zerumbeatz

Joergen the 1st
there are 4D 5D 6D 7D fictional characters (or more/ infinite)
we are 3D so we are infinitly powerful in 2D. but still mortals. 4 example: ants see the 2D dimension, they feel it with their legs and we, humans can do everything we want with them, so basically we`re gods to them.
goku from dragon ball super achieved some level of 4D
superman achieved 7 maybe 8 D with cosmic armor
one above all has infinite power in infinite D`s

Comment from : Joergen the 1st

o(`・ω´・+o) ドヤァ…!
Comment from : o(`・ω´・+o) ドヤァ…!

tortured angel
my soul is return to life. thanks thomas
Comment from : tortured angel

Jerikoh O'Cru
Lyrics?? Must be some giberish....
Comment from : Jerikoh O'Cru

🇧🇷 👍👍👍 GOSTEI. Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( 2 2 8 )
Comment from : TÂMARA SEBALDE

Jeanne Dumaplin
This helps when I start to feel like life is just pointless and senseless. It gives me feelings of hope and bravery.
Comment from : Jeanne Dumaplin

Tangent of circle.
Age of God's
In hinduism it refers to the Satya Yuga

Comment from : Tangent of circle.

Ernesto Lopez
Jon sandman any one?
Comment from : Ernesto Lopez

Yoshii Nijita
Comment from : Yoshii Nijita

The Future meme
# When I realize that I forgot my math book at school.
Comment from : The Future meme

Mr Moon
I love two steps from hell from Pakistan
Comment from : Mr Moon

Abhilash `Nox` Baruah
goosebumps overload
Comment from : Abhilash `Nox` Baruah

Isaac Jones
Writing my creation myth to this, it's absolutely breathtaking.
Comment from : Isaac Jones

Tim Sidlinskiy
I need Thomas Bergersen to write a piece of music for my life story.
Comment from : Tim Sidlinskiy

Who's watching in...

The internet

Comment from : PinkAnenome

Was that the French horn that opened the door to imagination?
Comment from : GoldProcessor

Comment from : 何昌宸

宇宙美惑幻致瀝 三千妙法 半天兵刀!!!!!
Comment from : 何昌宸

Artik Animations
"Audio quality has been lowered due to public availability..."

Holy hell, the full audio must be a gate to another dimension... I must go.

Comment from : Artik Animations

Nozomi Tojo
por alguna razón me hizo pensar en fire emblem awakening :v
Comment from : Nozomi Tojo

Fallen Angel
20 devils disliked.
Comment from : Fallen Angel

Julio Gonzalez
Can't purge the Berg
Comment from : Julio Gonzalez

the age of gods in a steampunk world . . . gear gods! o.o imagination . . .
Comment from : Innfinifli

The Song of Fire City
It was a golden age, my son. Legend says that the world never knew a better time. Good always won, because it was the Age of Gods.
Comment from : The Song of Fire City

The thing is that TSFH release so many good songs all at once therefore many of the songs you initially overlook....however, after a few months, you go back to the album and revisit some of those missed songs and realize they too are very good.
Comment from : MrFreakface999

Jacob Cluff
"Age of Gods"-perfect title.
Comment from : Jacob Cluff

A fleet of ships of the line face off against an equally sly opponent in a raging storm.  Officer on deck! Marines make ready! All hands to the starboard side!!!
Comment from : KaiofMiran

Hmm. I always think Percy Jackson series when I hear this.
Comment from : TenthDoctor

L Hummel
This is some pretty epic music! 
Comment from : L Hummel

Florin Tacu
Anyone , a link for the lyrics, please? Sorry for my bad english
Comment from : Florin Tacu

VIUS Music
Heard the first bit of this piece...fell in love with it immediately. This is truly amazing...
Comment from : VIUS Music

Justin Li
Vocals at 1:49 :)
Comment from : Justin Li

Laura Ciocoiu
so much energy here! 
Love Bergersen Music #bergersen  

Comment from : Laura Ciocoiu

Noah Scahill
dem horns!
Comment from : Noah Scahill

john minion
muah hahahahahahha 15 fools who disliked this have already been cast down muah hahahahahaha :)
Comment from : john minion

Mckinzy Mason
The Gods seek vengeance for those 15 people who disliked this song. 
Comment from : Mckinzy Mason

God DAMN I listen to wonderful music.
Comment from : Bloodmage96

miroslava petrickova
konečne vie niekto skladať hudbu
Comment from : miroslava petrickova

from wich album is this?
Comment from : gaston

Basic Security videos
Comment from : Basic Security videos

Oh my god shut up.
Comment from : Network

The Lone Wanderer.
That's certainly true, excuse my little extreme behavior. A wise man once said "Be aware of everything and everyone around you, without judgement".
Comment from : The Lone Wanderer.

I believe the word you are looking for is agnostic. Anyways, I understand your point of things being labels. But they only have to be labels if you look at them that way. Trust me I know each person is interesting in their own way and everybody is unique. People surprise me everyday. As cliched as that sounds it certainty holds true. Word are things to describe someone, it's only certain people who use them as something to group others by.
Comment from : 1234cm1

Quit bringing religion into this. Just because the title has the word god in it doesn't mean that religious people should go fanatical over it nor atheists randomly bringing it the hell out of nowhere.
Comment from : thebatterwitch87

The Lone Wanderer.
Atheist, Christian and all that shit are nothing more than labels to identify that person as.. if you haven't noticed, that's all people fucking do with other people they don't even know.. now you can brand me any fucking way you want, i say i am me, myself. not an atheist, not a racist, not a homosexual, not a heterosexual, not bi, not nothing but me. what would thee brand me if i said that i don't believe in god but i HOPE he exists? Pre christian? Christian in the make? the fuck dude..
Comment from : The Lone Wanderer.

I'm not sure anyone understands what your point is. Not believing any god means you are an atheist. While you may not be a fanatical atheist, you are still an atheist. Same way in the fact that I go to church on occasion, I may be technically considered christian. I am not fanatical and don't spew ignorant diarrhea all over the internet.
Comment from : 1234cm1

Praise God for such a beautiful music :)
Comment from : sinjid28

Max Erdmann
Comment from : Max Erdmann

Danny Box
Tell that to the title owner.
Comment from : Danny Box

Danny Box
Because you can always replay them.
Comment from : Danny Box

Why must the good songs end so soon?
Comment from : Steve

The Lone Wanderer.
Don't worry brother :D i don't believe in any god ^^ neither am i a fucking ahheist.
Comment from : The Lone Wanderer.

Game Spirit
You worship a god that punishes mortals eternally for not worshiping him? Geez, your religion is kind of sick. In any other religion, your god would be considered a demon.
Comment from : Game Spirit

Game Spirit
The ones that people believe in today don't exist either. In another thousand or so years, religions like Christianity and Islam will be considered mythology just like the rest.
Comment from : Game Spirit

The Skooma Cat
Who knows?
Comment from : The Skooma Cat

The Lone Wanderer.
Calm down my friend. No need for such language, i am utterly insulted you took my comment seriously while i was just joking around.
Comment from : The Lone Wanderer.

Jason Thach
Ever heard of a religion called Buddhist? Yeah we dont worship god so fuck off and enjoy the epicness.
Comment from : Jason Thach

The Lone Wanderer.
Comment from : The Lone Wanderer.

Thank God
Comment from : bubo

Rikka soul
i can pick which song i love more age of the gods . or white witch ?
Comment from : Rikka soul

Luann Jung
Hmm . . I love it! The whole thing kind of reminds me of 1:08-1:55 of Track 10 of Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. Doesn't it -> watch?v=vg5E1ZgCAA0
Comment from : Luann Jung

At first I thought they were singing "Salamati ye shah"... My GOD this stuff is great!
Comment from : PyrateKaptainJoe

Hans bring the flamethrower
that would be Brahma...the supreme hindi god
Comment from : Hans bring the flamethrower

Krister Andersson
Good music!
Comment from : Krister Andersson

You mean...Wabajack.
Comment from : Graw

What?Did anyone said CHEEEEESE?!
Comment from : Graw

Emp Productions
please bitch
Comment from : Emp Productions

Same thing.
Comment from : Cipher

Striklikl KingOfNoobs
Comment from : Striklikl KingOfNoobs

Morten Bakke
btw, no real shocker the album is called illusions, and the song name are age of gods
Comment from : Morten Bakke

Din, Nayru and Farore anyone?
Comment from : HeroofTime123

Morten Bakke
And at the moment I feel Two Steps From Hell is fading away from my priority, stuff just keep coming up. Brilliant song. So sad that I am not able to go to the first concerts i Los Angeles. To far and expensive to travel this year. Blessings from your fellows in Norway.
Comment from : Morten Bakke

Phillowownz bacon - available in stores today! A godly taste bacon XD
Comment from : InkOnTube

Jason Thach
Whew, no religious stuff.
Comment from : Jason Thach

False. He was blessed by Sheogorath.
Comment from : Civ'ed

There is only one god emperor of mankind and by his will, this heresy shell be purged!!!
Comment from : arithmeticum

who can remix one with orchestral instead of choir? I really want!!!!
Comment from : captsunhainan

Diago Silva
sounds good
Comment from : Diago Silva

This, this is fucking amazing.
Comment from : Irenvelle

Sam Thacher
This song is amazing Thomas, keep it up! ;)
Comment from : Sam Thacher

Comment from : zoiss1

Nela Andrei
The Ilussion of Not Knowing Yourself<3
Comment from : Nela Andrei

Nela Andrei
We are Gods.....Me,You,Us.....the rest is Illusion
Comment from : Nela Andrei

Samuel Nyberg
And we're not good at it.
Comment from : Samuel Nyberg

The video jumped on me. Now I have to start again...
Comment from : theINNOSINT

We are the gods of our world.
Comment from : zoiss1

Striklikl KingOfNoobs
We gather here today to mourn the loss of Phillowownz after he was struck with lightning by 36 different pantheons and smelled like the bacon in his photo...
Comment from : Striklikl KingOfNoobs

Except they don't exist :/
Comment from : Phillowownz

Wow I didn´t know that! Thx for the information :)
Comment from : Eithyr

Smack Bro
In fact Chronos7Kronos IS a GOD. Chronos, Rea, and all the others were called Titans because thir orogin is cosmic, Xeus, Hades, etc were called Gods because they were born on Earth, they had a lower rank, but when the Gods defeated Chronos and the Titans and put them in the Tartarus, Gods got a higher rank than Titans just becuase they defeated them.
Comment from : Smack Bro

Barnabás Bácskai-Nagy
Thomas Bergersen is a demigod!
Comment from : Barnabás Bácskai-Nagy

*Poseidon, yes. And father to many other.And Uranus is father of Kronos.
Comment from : Eithyr

Olivier Delincé
Kronos is a titan, father of Zeus, Hades and Posseidon
Comment from : Olivier Delincé

I guess so, but Kronos isn´t a God.
Comment from : Eithyr

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