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Mystic CRO
Writing a sequel to my book, and this..this is my inspiration.
Comment from : Mystic CRO

Logan Angelos Key
I just subscribed your channel! Your music had inspired me to write poems of my own.
I've been having a hard time in life that words cannot be put.

That's why... your music will the voice of the silent.
Once again, thank you . :)

Comment from : Logan Angelos Key

There's something magical in allowing yourself to be sad, healing your personal wounds without judging them. This song is a moment for myself
Comment from : L DP

Nordic Princess
An epic clash of the worlds of gods , titans, elements and fantastic beasts. This is such an inspiring piece of work, worthy of a movie score. I’m very much surprised they didn’t look for you for the last making of The Clash of the Titans . You’re quite good , just keep up the good work.

Thank you Brunuh !

Comment from : Nordic Princess

Ancient Beauty
I came onto some horror music by default got scared and came running to our dear old Brunuhville. Now m fine. ☺
Comment from : Ancient Beauty

Maksat Shavraliev
Тоже ищешь русские комменты?
Comment from : Maksat Shavraliev

Asif Cosar
I really like the mystical moment after 2:50, it always reminds me to a big tale where I am on a big cliff and watching the sunset and thinking about the hidden mysteries of this world, the creation and the universe, and the mastermind behind all this. Keep it up Bruno.
Comment from : Asif Cosar

Jane Smith
Anyone in 2019?
Comment from : Jane Smith

This should've been in a video game like Metroid Prime, God of War, or an RPG...
Comment from : DarkLordYianni

Out of all your music this is by far my favorite
Comment from : miniyellowladybug

The Snow Prince
I finally found it!! Great music.
Comment from : The Snow Prince

White Horse
Your music never ceases to amaze me
Comment from : White Horse

🇧🇷 👍👍👍 GOSTEI. Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏
Comment from : TÂMARA SEBALDE

Copperite Cobra
Comment from : Copperite Cobra

Copperite Cobra
this is dog crap
Comment from : Copperite Cobra

Connor Marlow
I would hate to be one of the guys in that boat
Comment from : Connor Marlow

Comment from : 宋夜星

Amal Johny
Keep it up
Comment from : Amal Johny

How do you record this stuff? Love your music man. I play this for my players during DnD sessions.
Comment from : Nick.Tate.Official.

Joel Eldo
Gods fight, and mortals get stuck in the middle
Comment from : Joel Eldo

Dance my bruddas
Comment from : Venom

Rose la salvatrice
Comment from : Rose la salvatrice

Eric Ward
What is dead may never die...
Comment from : Eric Ward

Kythra Kel
omg it's been 6 years since this was posted...

but it's still AMAZING

Comment from : Kythra Kel

Ben F.
I listened to this while doing the dishes and I accidentally enchanted my knife to slay dragons
Comment from : Ben F.

Sana Abbas
just waouuuuuuu! 👌
Comment from : Sana Abbas

Sasmita Padhi
In the place you never know of your dreams
There's the world, it's Gods' it seems.
There blows the Almighty wind with the waves sing under,
Sing their poetries till their eyes daze in wonder,
Daze and sleep with movements faint and quiet,
Flirting with the wind till their eyes burn at the sight,
There arises the battle at a distance your eyes won't see
With the ship in its mast and sail,
And-everything's out of trail,
The turbulent water gulps the sleeping waves,
Hiding them from their friends,
The wind saying,"O, Now I go off.
For the war with its winds are oh, so rough!"
There covers the land a fierce fight
The waves against the dawn ship fighting for the night
And as the land takes a toll
Twilight comes in the voice of its soul.
And as all the phenomenon pass by your eyes,
You stay quiet, staring at the skies.
And after a moment you say,''Nature is an epic, fought someday.''
''But know what, they are all but
Parts of the same plot.
They are mothers
And they are fathers.
That's all, the story ends.''
(It's not a real story, just an imagination.)

Comment from : Sasmita Padhi

I clicked by happenstance and was utterly amazed!!!! This is quite awesome and really really well done. I hardly noticed your sound spikes or whatever. It's just masterful.
Comment from : DIAbycmgm

Mirza Khurram
oh brother my fav one
please suggest me tracks like this

Comment from : Mirza Khurram

mehr abed
just wow...
Comment from : mehr abed

This reminds me of the Assassine's Creed soundtracks
Comment from : mısra

Beautiful, I could liste to this for hours, dreaming of forests and woodlands
Comment from : BakingCriminal

AKF Nielsen
Very beautiful !!!
Comment from : AKF Nielsen

Miss González
Comment from : Miss González

gatordog puppy
omg I've watched this like 10 times and just now noticed the people in the waves XD
Comment from : gatordog puppy

White Shadow
I wrote my books to this playing, I wrote tree novels baised on the medieval days. .with a great story! Ageless Legend. Circle of Time, Return of White Shadow. now to publish them .
Comment from : White Shadow

Emmanuel Ybanez
Zeus vs. Poseidon
Comment from : Emmanuel Ybanez

Michela Lecce

Can you tell me what is your gear that you use to create these musics please?

Thank you in advance,

Comment from : Michela Lecce

very nice music, interesting enough i found it in a documentary of a russian thats called ....there are no forests on flat earth ...wake up ... thanks for sharing this song ...
Comment from : amidopur

Ruqia KRG
Comment from : Ruqia KRG

Ruqia KRG
love this song v much🌏
Comment from : Ruqia KRG

illi elas
i dont know how to express this feeling of mine when i listen to your songs because every time i listen to them, like i am in another world and in another way, it "lift up" my spirit.. good job!
Comment from : illi elas

Giovanni Scalco
Comment from : Giovanni Scalco

theresareza reza
Comment from : theresareza reza

Kwanele Zulu
Has never stopped being my favorite Brunuh💜
Comment from : Kwanele Zulu

Iulia Blaga
The first song I've heard from you and still my favourite.
Comment from : Iulia Blaga

You have an special sense for music composition... I say thanks for this masterpiece, makes me feel Human and glorious...


Comment from : FreeThinker

ML Mallory
Comment from : ML Mallory

Noreto Smilianska
a music suitable even for gods
Comment from : Noreto Smilianska

Noob Gamer Z
Comment from : Noob Gamer Z

Kamel jesi Guynes
wow,Almost like when I watch titanic.📬🎷🛁🛀🍁📲💞😔😓🙌
Comment from : Kamel jesi Guynes

dia simon
Dear Brunuhville. Do you believe in the cryptozoology?
Songs that you make, takes me to another world.

Comment from : dia simon

Seeing as this was uploaded 2.5 years ago, how much better are you now at mastering your craft?
Comment from : Thready

Furkan Tunçel
What is the instrument which starts to be played in 01:07? ??
Comment from : Furkan Tunçel

Tilikum Skirata
This is very powerful, Brunuh! It definitely captures the whole "Age of Gods" theme. : )
Comment from : Tilikum Skirata

Rabbi Newcomb
I am a writer of book in the same genre as J.R.R. Tolkien. I am the author of a series called, Visigothic. The first one, Visigothic: The Barbarians of Midgard, is in the early stages of being published by Pegasus Publishing Company, Cambridge, England. If any of my books are ever made into movies, I hope that you are the one who composes the music for them. You music provides inspiration for me as I am writing.
Comment from : Rabbi Newcomb

Lauren Nguyen
where do you get the AMAZING artwork for all of ur videos?
Comment from : Lauren Nguyen

Alex Thorne
This on repeat while playing Age of Mythology.

Comment from : Alex Thorne

Goran Misic
age of gods need prety sharm vois for ones own word
Comment from : Goran Misic

Angelines Sanjuan
Comment from : Angelines Sanjuan

Goran Misic
age of gods continue to reality life truth meaning
Comment from : Goran Misic

Goran Misic
in thes fotoIcon evrybody can to see whov armygod cam weth lightlife to shayn shadow dark night and to gev peace weth reign right do you knowledge have what is thet power life in shownatural storm to protect the planet to lend life and foodplants
Comment from : Goran Misic

the gods would agree with thee is is coolies smiles
Comment from : EOZ ZOE

dude - not complaining because this tune is awesome - is it possible that you will ever do a remastered version to fix the crackling issue? that would be even more epic!
Comment from : Ellis

Kasia Muzyczna
I wanna sing for/with you :) U R AMAZING :)
Comment from : Kasia Muzyczna

Goran Misic
age of god is past ours but future ours global world life
Comment from : Goran Misic

Koke Montaño
¡hay caramba! hahaha this music is awesome. i love this kind of mixing scottish with epic.
Comment from : Koke Montaño

Honey berry
Never stop making music!!!!!
Your one of the best!!!

Comment from : Honey berry

When the sea and sky collide we must beware. Lol i forgot the actual line. Anyway EPIC!!!!! Am i like the only kid that listens to this
Comment from : wpdh9102

Beanie Beans
Now that's awesome^^
Comment from : Beanie Beans

Χάμστερ Καρότο
Lux Bellator ποιητής να γίνες...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Και οι θάλασσες του Ποσειδώνα υψώθηκαν, το κύμα συντρίφθηκε καθώς άλογα Λόρδων οδηγούνταν προς την παλίρροια. Τα σύννεφα ήταν ανοικτά σε αντίποινα καθώς Ιππότες της νέας τάξης τον ουρανό συναγωνίστηκαν, αψηφώντας την ίδια την δύναμη του ωκεανού!
Comment from : Χάμστερ Καρότο

Χάμστερ Καρότο
Lux Bellator ποιητής να γίνες...
Comment from : Χάμστερ Καρότο

Χάμστερ Καρότο
Έχω προσέξει ότι σε ( σχεδόν ) όλα τα τραγούδια σου ακολουθείς την ίδια μελωδία... Ετσι πιστεύω...
Comment from : Χάμστερ Καρότο

Meghan Davis
dude! this is amazing! who cares about crackling!  I didn't here it!
Comment from : Meghan Davis

Marie huguenin
Little prince very good composer thank you for these beautiful musics !!!
Comment from : Marie huguenin

Nathan Swift
ignis king.... u r totally wrong....
acc to u man created everything... but can u answer who created the man?,??

Comment from : Nathan Swift

Ignis King
It is not man who should fear the gods,
it is the gods who should fear man.
We are the ones who progress, learn,
create the new from the old. 
They are the eternal, the unrelenting,
the same as they always have been.
Our natures may change,
but there's cannot.
Know the what you believe to be the truth,
and grow stronger from it.

- A Free Demon

Comment from : Ignis King

william thistlethwaite
You make Great music..Good Job :)
Comment from : william thistlethwaite

William Demko
It makes me want to be free to sea and forest I always wanted to see Norway and all the lands to learn, live and be Norse
Comment from : William Demko

S. Y.
Call me Inartistic, but.....................This is one of Tjhe most Epic Symphonies I've ever heard and if you haven't pointed it out, I Would Have never noticed because I'd be busy by being taken away with the unbelievable Melodies, Sorry, But that's Just what I think
Comment from : S. Y.

Red Line
I think your songs great.
I'm writing a book and they help me, sometimes.
If, someday, it become a movie, i'll "need" you.
You are the best

Comment from : Red Line

Guillermo Emir
Robin Hood?
Comment from : Guillermo Emir

Zorn Sorinia
I see the gates of Valhalla Opening down onto the battlefield against the Forces of Helheim and Hel. heroes of old and brethren of new together as one fighting against dark forces in a battle of Ragnarok. Odin leading the Charge and Thor lighting the skies up with thunder and lightning
Comment from : Zorn Sorinia

yeliz delice
reklammmmmmmm olmasınn...
Comment from : yeliz delice

Zachary Benson
I don't mean too be a buzz kill but, it's an automatic win for the good guys when that wave crashes.
Comment from : Zachary Benson

External - Flame
talking about EPICNESS!!!!!!
Comment from : External - Flame

Totally Epic Masterpiece
Comment from : imarimadry

Jordan Phoenix
I see Poseidon defying Zeus. Epic
Comment from : Jordan Phoenix

nice :) and there is no cracking saound :P
Comment from : nielsduude

Meloney Iona
let this be the soundtrack to my life
Comment from : Meloney Iona

Lux Bellator
"And the seas of Poseidon rose, its wave crashing as horse lords rode on the tide. The clouds bore open in retaliation as knights of the new celestial order raced ever onward, defying the might of the ocean itself."

This is what came to me while listening to this.

Comment from : Lux Bellator

catherine visinand
Grandiose :)
Comment from : catherine visinand

  ~♥~  I LOVE IT  ~♥~  
Comment from : TheVenus7777

Taikou Outsaki
Scene for this ost:
In the battlefield, dragis and his comrades were losing to Cronus' armies, there were only 4 of them left, however they would not give up, then with words of encouragement for dragis they all push on with all their might, slaying all in front of them, charging at the burning shields of the devils, the. Dragis awakens the power of his blade and smashes half of cronus armies, however Susa and Greg had died from flames of the burning shields. Dragis was filled with sorrow and despair having lost two of his best friends in the fight, kneeling before one of the devils, but, celestria came and reminded dragis of his aim... (Unfinished because the ending of the ost made me cry too much)

Comment from : Taikou Outsaki

Karen Streb sundsvalen
so who does the artwork on the pages? music is incredible...i play it while crocheting and it gives me a great adventurous and challenging pace lol
Comment from : Karen Streb sundsvalen

Vj Logan
Comment from : Vj Logan

The picture reminds me of the Aesir and the Vanir from Norse Mythology. :D
Comment from : HappyBlack179

Axelle Mentières
I shared this music to my friends and they liked it !
I like this amazaing music too ! Really wonderful !

Comment from : Axelle Mentières

Honestly this is still a really great piece, Brunuh
Comment from : ir0nsquire

1:08 Epicness
Comment from : Riahisama

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