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odysopiratiiis ghagh
Can you answer me a question?
Comment from : odysopiratiiis ghagh

keep up the Faith
Comment from : keep up the Faith

xo ThatOnePansexual xo
“Russian roulette is not the same without a gun.”
Comment from : xo ThatOnePansexual xo

wise man
You should never bet on black or red without also puting a chip or chips on one or two of the green spots. Because their are three colors not two, red black and green, but with green being inside bet. If it lands on green you will win straight bet if you hade chips on it.
Comment from : wise man

sword fish
So chips will replaced another chips before you leave?
Comment from : sword fish

My Lovely Dead Friends
oh fucking hell, i just thought you pick a number and if your number wins you get a bunch of money.
Comment from : My Lovely Dead Friends

ashfaque azad
Who's here after reading Dostoevsky's The Gambler? I "bet" no one.
Comment from : ashfaque azad

Caleb Lawrence
I mainly play black jack, but ive just started playing roulette and am loving it.

Comment from : Caleb Lawrence

TheNormanLord FT
Comment from : TheNormanLord FT

Sahil T
New dragon quest anyone?
Comment from : Sahil T

Stew L
Why don't you buy carpet.
Comment from : Stew L

Oscar Memo
smoly says hi
Comment from : Oscar Memo

Jellow Cha
Confuse. How did she get 87 dollars? Lol
Comment from : Jellow Cha

YD 223
I’m drunk and she explained it perfectly. 10/10
Comment from : YD 223

David Hong
The wheel made a complete stop at 4:51 LOL.
Comment from : David Hong

Terrible video. Can’t see anything.
Comment from : Waterlife

Kara Cecilia
aku menang 51 juta main di KOIN4DA. com kalian harus coba gan disana,aku sarani banget tuh situs.
Comment from : Kara Cecilia

Ugly game
Comment from : MAKAROV M

I dont even like gambling, I just wanted to know how in the world this is played
Comment from : CaptainTenseNips

vinc dagd
roulette takes money out with bets??
Comment from : vinc dagd

Sunny Scott
Please also mention that you should not touch anything on the table until the dealer picks up the marker.
Comment from : Sunny Scott

Life With Yannie
Watching while on my way to the casino 😎
Comment from : Life With Yannie

I’m watching because I’m trying to make my own casino
Comment from : Roo TGM

Ress Oll
منو أجهزة من طرف حجي حمزه ج لايك
Comment from : Ress Oll

James Denoia
Welcome to the Diamond Resort and Casino
Comment from : James Denoia

camniko stefino
I am king of roullate i loss 25 lacks but now I win 65 lacks 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : camniko stefino

No Reading Required
i have a gambling addiction
Comment from : No Reading Required

Renan Terra
How To Play Roulette = Just double your wager everytime you loose.
If you loose everything, you loose. Whatelse, you win.

Comment from : Renan Terra

Vignesh S
I jack shit didn't understood a thing
Comment from : Vignesh S

Unohana Yachiru
I went to the casino the other day and I used a method that allowed me to win at roulette 80% of the time. If you want to learn my method then go here now: MootSpin.xyz
Comment from : Unohana Yachiru

The Caring Adolf Hitler
hahaha im also here for gta online because i dont know to play roulette
Comment from : The Caring Adolf Hitler

If you have pedophilia please whoosh me
Rules not clear, swallowed the chips
Comment from : If you have pedophilia please whoosh me

Gta casino brought me here💀
Comment from : ayyee_elijah

Max Walker
I’m here just for gta
Comment from : Max Walker

Wicked Shooter
GTA anyone😂😂
Comment from : Wicked Shooter

l11 DEAD 11l
Who’s here trying to play in gta online?😂😭
Comment from : l11 DEAD 11l

Michael S
I suck at math
Comment from : Michael S

Gta casino anyone?
Comment from : Wizardnil

Bird_Mumy vlogs
hah, its hard
Comment from : Bird_Mumy vlogs

Marwan J
What's up my fellow GTA Online Players 😂🤑👍🏻

Edit: This feature is not available for you. 😭

Comment from : Marwan J

All red i win
Comment from : GAR A

pokerface pirate
lmao, didnt understand anything ! SHIT
Comment from : pokerface pirate

Roulette Boss
Great video madam. 99% of people do not take action. I did and now my channel is BUZZING. Cheers
Comment from : Roulette Boss

Michael Janchura
I say there's 360 degrees in a circle starting from Meridian zero.
Comment from : Michael Janchura

"Roulette is a game for lonely widows and frenchmen."
Comment from : SpaceMissile

Roulette Player
There is no always winning strategy. But I mastered system of my own. You have to have discipline and cannot get greedy. I decided to publish every game I play so all people can continuously see how is my bankroll doing over time.

Comment from : Roulette Player

Tasha’s Show
First time my bf and I are watching the video and at the beginning of the video we called out numbers the spin would land on first red 25 was the number I called I think I know where I’m going for my 21st 😂😂
Comment from : Tasha’s Show

1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing
Comment from : 1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing

Deric h
so the winning since your winning is multiplied if you pick corner and straight up, you should place a lot of bet? because if you win on just one number, you'll recoup the loss on missed numbers you betted on?
Comment from : Deric h

Michael S
Great video
Comment from : Michael S

Just like faro
Comment from : AIDEN PIERCE

Joseph Lucas
Cheers for the Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried - Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for making money with a proven roulette system without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend finally got astronomical results with it.
Comment from : Joseph Lucas

Thank you,now i know how to bet at least.
Comment from : syphaxny

Elixir Flare
I like the Russian version
Comment from : Elixir Flare

How to play roulette:
1. be a chick
2. be really stupid, because it's a game for suckers
3. do anything you want. Literally every single bet on the table is the exact same house edge so it doesn't matter
4. go ask your boyfriend for more money after you've lost it all 5.26% at a time statistically
5. if you don't have a boyfriend, or he's not going to give you any more money to throw away, see if you can blow a guy in the can for $20 bucks

Comment from : Mark

I love how you explain every little detail so clearly. Now, time to visit the casino HAHAHA
Comment from : Kelvin

One Percenters
Fantastic video!
Comment from : One Percenters

Maggie Rosario
I’m in Atlantic City tonight! Thank you for this video it is very clear into the point appreciate it very much! Thank you
Comment from : Maggie Rosario

If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette
If you Want To Know The Roulette Secret & Software..
Comment from : If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette

Cant believe you dont have more replies, very clear, very well spoken...thanks!
Comment from : NUTS AND BOLTS

Winter Tarzan Jagrup
You m f ers are making good profit paying only 35-1
Comment from : Winter Tarzan Jagrup

Winter Tarzan Jagrup
Wow 35-1 why not 36-1 or 37-1
Comment from : Winter Tarzan Jagrup

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